Нашли 8 неожиданно хороших игр [Рефанд?!]

Found 8 unexpectedly good games

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A hyped-up survival game with an emphasis on combat; a simulator of either a god or a waiter; ironic roguelight bank robbery; Elastomania, but shoot ’em; Polish “The Witcher at Home”; static but fun cooperative card tactics; another game about potion crafting; and, of course, the anime successor to Dead Cells.

0:00 — Introduction
0:32 — Enshrouded
12:30 — The Universim
21:11 — Turnip Boy Robs a Bank
26:57 — Laika: Aged Through Blood
34:45 — The Inquisitor
42:30 — HELLCARD
50:34 — The Witch’s Cauldron
57:03 — BlazBlue Entropy Effect
1:05:38 — Conclusion

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